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Bamboo hangings, dancing loincloths 

My artistic journey was initially ritual, between the timeless and the here and now.

I would qualify  my ethno-contemporary art because it is nourished by all these influences, these countries with a still very living tradition, these knowing ethnic groups, these faces of Africa, Asia and Oceania  , these subjects, these stories. Everything that contributed to who I am today. 

M'bakapygmy bark, silk lamba, bogolan 100/150 cms

The Kuba confederation, the Kuba kingdom 
Leo Frobenius says about these Congolese people that they are civilized to the marrow of their bones.
Here the smallest object, even banal, bears the mark of common artistic demand and reveals a refined intention.
Kuba art is exceptional in its meaning; shapes and colors.

Kuba   tshak kuba, silk and raffia , 80 / 150 cms 


The shoowas use two-thirds of the geometric patterns listed for their velvety plant embroidery, which earns them immense consideration that goes well beyond their borders. 

Kasai  kasai velvet, silk, silk lamba, bogolan.


Cortexbark, silk and bogolan , 170/100 cms 

With the Baka pygmies  , I discover the first garment, the beaten and admirably worked bark.

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